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Member Newsletter - June 3, 2008

Meadow Lake Airport Association

Member Newsletter

June 3, 2008

President’s Remarks: I appreciate the vote of confidence that awarded me with the position of President of the MLAA for the coming year. I have two underlining themes and objectives for the year. First, I will do everything possible to keep all of the Board AND the membership of the Association informed of our progress. I intend to earn your confidence and support in our endeavors to accomplish the objectives of the Meadow Lake Airport and our Association.

Second, I propose to transition administration of the airport from the "committee" of Directors that we have appropriately operated under for 35 years (but have outgrown) into a more business oriented approach, managing a multi-million dollar not-for-profit corporation that has potential impact on you and the local community.

In the first endeavor, I request that everyone provide us an email address so that I can provide a monthly "e-letter" updating you with what we have accomplished over the past month and a calendar of events for the coming months. We will also be providing quarterly financial statements, so that you can see how your dues are being expended. In the second goal, I have asked each of this year’s directors to assume a specific "airport management function" with commensurate "point-of-contact" responsibilities. Although the entire Board will continue to be responsible for developing ideas and projects, specific ongoing programs and active projects will be taken on by an individual director as a point of contact for coordination and reporting. Our objective will be to emulate the professional staff of a publicly-owned commercial service airport (obviously on a much smaller and appropriate scale).

Officers and Directors:

*President Dave Elliott (719) 339-0928 (cell)

*Vice President Joe Kuberka (719) 659-5052 (cell)

*Treasurer Verlin Schauer (719) 683-5353 (hangar)

*Secretary Mark Shook (719) 641-0460 (cell)

*Asst Sec Jamie Johnston (719) 683-9300 (office)

*Director Richard Martin (719) 683-6587 (home)

*Director Ron Lee (719) 683-3701 (home)

Next MLAA Board Meeting Scheduled: Tuesday evening, June 10th, 2008, 6:00 p.m.
13560 Piper Lane, Meadow Lake Airport. (Airport Association Hangar) All members welcome.

Financial Information: Beginning next Quarter, quarterly financial information will be available to association members. This information is confidential, and will not be published on our open website. A notice will be posted on the website that a financial update is available to members. Members who email with their name and airport property address, will receive the financial information by return e-mail.

By Laws: At the annual meeting, members voted on a complete revision of the by-laws and some targeted alternatives. The "all or nothing" complete by-law revision presented failed by a wide margin. The suggested Alternative by-law change amendments came much closer to passing. The FAA has asked MLAA to add language in our by-laws similar to that contained in the FAA grant assurances. They want to protect the Federal investment of tax payer money into Meadow Lake Airport. In the unlikely event the airport is ever dissolved, the property that FAA has invested in needs to be handled in accordance with customary FAA grant assurances. With wider member participation and more time for all members to read and ask questions about the proposals, passage and progress are more likely. For these reasons, we intend to present these specific changes again in the near future.

Airport Website: If you are a member of the MLAA, or a based pilot, it is vital that you send us your e-mail contact info. We send out information on Airport taxiway and runway closures and TFRs notices by e-mail.

Check the website … we update the website several times a week. While the association plans only 4 mailed newsletters per year, we publish board meeting reports, voting results, events, and news and information on the airports website at:

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Sign up for important news alerts at:

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