Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I only rent hangar space at Meadow Lake Airport, But I am Treasurer of my residential HOA. I know how hard it is to change a By-Law, and to get volunteers for The Board. I'm wondering if "continuity of The Board" would be better achieved by making it a 6 or 9 Member BOD, and have 1/3 of The Board stand for election each year? This way 2/3's of The Board is retained each year, giving stability to the management of the airport. I think this would be more acceptable to the FAA. These changes can be done at one meeting, by one vote, just as the proposed change would be adopted. 




Thanks for your suggestion.  But there is a large resistance to any term changes. 

REASON, we allow cumulative voting for directors.  

Because of that, if you change how many directors are elected each term, you change the little guys voting strength and lessen the chance a small group can get a single representative elected.

  This is bad for minority voices. 

That's why I support all 7 directors elected to 2 year terms just like the US House of Representatives has done for over 220 years.


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