Saturday, June 7, 2008

Meadow Lake Pilots Fly for Falcon Community Event

In our continuing series highlighting good guys at Meadow Lake Airport- Catch them doing something right.

On Saturday June 7th, the Falcon Festival took place at Big R on Hwy 24. Responding to the communities request for "Air Cover" was the Meadow Lake RV pilots.

We salute Loyd Remus, flying lead in his RV-4, Lee Wolford Right Wing RV-4, Brian Wampler Left Wing RV-8, Brad Henry flying in the "Slot" position in his RV-8, and Bob Hall - flying "Arrow" in his RV-6 for their community spirit. They donated their time, their Airplanes, and their gas, to fly over a community event, and show the Airport supports our neighbors.

Our Airport benefits from every "good neighbor" act done by anyone associated with Meadow Lake.

When the community called, these guys answered. Thanks to them from all of us.


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