Friday, May 30, 2008

Someone Caught doing something Right !

Dear Board and fellow MLAA members

We have all heard about issues in the transition that did not go as well as they could have .

I would like to tell you something good.

Jean Jenkins brought me a box two days or so after the election. All records she received were in there. Since that time she has given me every assistance I asked for, including a digital copy of the votes at the last election, so that I can help Dave build an accurate data base for future elections.

When I was a store owner with 50 employees, I used to tell my managers that along with corrections, they should make an effort to catch our people doing something right, and acknowledge them. It takes very little effort to find fault. It take just a little more to find and recognize a good effort.

I think its time we apply that to our fellow volunteers on this board, (past and present) and others at our airport.

Thank You to Jean Jenkins. I appreciate your efforts.

Now my challenge to my fellow board members is to go find someone else around our Airport doing something right, and Thank them. Then come share it with the rest of us.

If it is appropriate, I will post it on our airport blog, so anyone interested will know the good things that happen here.

Secretary/ MLAA

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