Friday, September 3, 2010

Airport NewsLetter Sept. 2010

(* with AWOS certification the airport identifier will change to kFLY)
13625 Judge Orr Road, Meadow Lake Airport (00V), Peyton, Colorado 80831-6051
Newsletter - 3rd Quarter 2010

Attachments: (1) ACC enforcement letter
(2) Notice of Special Meeting & Proxy
(3) Proposed Bylaws Revision – Minimum Assessment
President’s Remarks
A new phase of Meadow Lake Airport management has begun with the new two-year terms and the Board has been positioning for a busy and hopefully productive session. We are planning to take a more proactive posture and are looking forward to improving our relationship with our membership and users, and our resource providers. To that end, we intend to increase and improve our communications. Journalism is not one of my strengths, but I will attempt to publish this newsletter every quarter to keep you up-to-date on our project status and to advertise areas where we can use assistance. We also intend to broaden distribution to include everyone interested in our facility.
In order to take on a more proactive management and planning of the airport, the new Board has tentatively agreed to meet twice a month, with the regular monthly “business” meeting continuing on the second Tuesday and a “workshop” to be held the fourth Tuesday. The latter may vary depending on subject matter and outside agency coordination.
We’d also like to kick things off with a Meadow Lake Airport Day on Saturday, September 18th. We would encourage everyone to take a good look at cleaning up their respective properties and areas of concern and we will provide a roll-on dumpster at the MLAA Hangar for items of disposal. No hazardous materials please, including tires and oil. The Board is calling for a Special Membership Meeting (attachment 2) at 10:00 to discuss and vote on four needed bylaw revisions (see below) and introduce and discuss a MLAA member/user survey. Over the next year or two, the Board will be laying the foundation for what the airport may look like 10 years from now: specifically, planning with respect to a new runway versus resurfacing the existing runway, resolving compliance issues of the FAA Grant Assurances, and possible implementation of the “Planned Unit Development”. We’d like to have input from the members and users of the airport. Following this discussion, the Board will sponsor a BBQ/Burger burn from 1130-1300. We will provide soft drinks and water. Scott Dedeker and Jeff Moore are arranging for a “caterer” to provide food for a nominal fee. Please RSVP to Scott or Jeff with how many of your family/party might join us at noon so we can give the caterer an idea for planning. Check the MLA website for additional info and details.
FAA Compliance Issues. There have been no new developments on the national “Through-the-Fence” controversy as it affects Meadow Lake, and we don’t expect there to be any for awhile. New directors for the FAA Denver Airport District Office and the Colorado Division of Aeronautics have been selected, and although a new FAA HQs directive for Airport Compliance has been published, implementation of that directive is still being developed. In the meantime, CDoT has offered to consider a grant to prepare a “Compliance Plan” to address the three challenges that Travis Vallin gave us in November: “Self-sustainability”, “Security & Access Control”, and “Through-the-Fence” coordination.
Based Aircraft Inventory. We continue to update the aircraft population of Meadow Lake and thus help reinforce our significance in the national and state airport systems. 374 aircraft are currently listed in the data base and the “Do Not Report (DNR)” list contains an additional 13 aircraft. We are requesting that all members and users of Meadow Lake airport list and annually confirm any and all aircraft based from their Meadow Lake property. If you have not already provided “N” numbers for your aircraft and/or tenants, please contact any Board member with that information. Please also provide any “joint” use info, i.e.: that the aircraft is also based at another airport at other times.

Annual Assessments (Dues): The Board continues to work hard to try and keep expenses to a minimum and get the most “bang for the buck” in maintaining and improving our airport. At the same time we are trying to prepare for the future with a goal to minimize the need for “extra” revenues. We will discuss some of those projections and alternatives at the Special Meeting on September 18th. We are trying to keep all options open for the Airport & Association’s future. Overdue Assessments: Two of our members remain delinquent in their 2009 (or earlier) dues. They have been notified by certified letters that their membership privileges have been suspended, including “through-the-fence” access to use the airport, until their respective account is brought up-to-date and we are considering other legal actions to encourage compliance with their obligations to the Association and the airport. In addition, eight members are delinquent in forwarding their 2010 assessments. If you are one of these, please help us meet our budget projections by remitting your dues promptly. Your Board members are volunteers that want to spend their energies promoting the airport, not chasing down overdue accounts. Remember, your dues must be current to exercise voting privileges in the Association.
Grants. Progress on the AWOS has been slow, but the FAA AIP (Airport Improvement Program) GA Entitlement grant for 2009 was approved and $143,380 is available. Our 2010 AIP GA Entitlement will include a final reimbursement for land acquisition expenses (approximately $85K), with the remaining $65K being held in reserve for AWOS overages and next year’s projects.
The Colorado Discretionary Aviation Grants for 2009 included $163,273 in matching funds for the FAA grants, pavement maintenance and re-striping, and land purchase reimbursement. Our 2010 request has been approved for approximately $115,870 for additional matching funds and paving (Runway 15 run-up area). The final draft of the Strategic Business Plan is at the printer (approx $5,000 remaining on that 2008 grant).
Our Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) submission to CDoT Division of Aeronautics for 2011 included requests for the annual $150,000 FAA AIP Grant to be defined at a later date and to the state for $112,000 for runway maintenance and initial implementation of a Security and Access Control Plan.
We reported in the February Newsletter on some of the restrictive provisions of the new International Building Code (IBC) adopted by the Regional Building Department (i.e.: 2-hour firewall for any exterior walls within 30 feet of a property line or 30 feet from the center of a common access way adjacent to that property boundary). We have now been advised that they are considering adopting the Int’l Residential Code (IRC) for residential lots. These may have significant “land use” impacts around to the airport and we are attempting to offer a “committee” to work with the El Paso County Development Services Department to address this issue before it is implemented. Anyone interested in working with the ACC on this issue should contact Greg Johnson.
Please note the ACC “Compliance Letter” (attachment 1) as we attempt to solicit voluntary compliance with the intent of “object free areas” and the platted “aviation usage” of properties on the airport.
Attachment 3 provides proposed amendments to the Bylaws recommending that:
1) properly completed proxies be considered as “voting interest present” for membership meetings,
2) a percentage of ownership be allotted to individual members of “multiple owner properties” for voting,
3) minimum dues assessment be raised from $75 per year (with 40 votes) to $120 per year (with 75 votes) and that this amount be considered the “Airport Access Fee” for “Through-the-Fence” purposes,
4) properly completed proxies be considered “voting interest present” for voting on Bylaw changes.

A discussion and vote on these proposals will occur at the Special Membership Meeting at 10:00 on Saturday, September 18th, 2010. At the May Annual Meeting, we failed to meet the traditional MLAA requirement to have at least 50% of the membership present to vote on Bylaw changes. Please make every attempt possible to attend this Special Meeting, but if you cannot, please review Attachment 3, contact any Board members if you have questions and complete the enclosed proxy.


NOTE: There have been several instances lately of runway and taxiway lights being damaged by unknown causes. Please contact Ron Lee (or any Board member) if you aware of a light being damaged, so that we can replace it as quickly as possible. And of course, we would like to have the party responsible reimburse the replacement cost, which is minimal, but not fair for the general membership to have to cover.

Land Acquisition ... MLAA Project #XX-01 [with multiple FAA AIP and CDOT grants]
• coordinator: Dave Elliott, consultant: Airport Development Group.
• To purchase available land surrounding the runway complex to provide a “buffer” with encroaching development. Total MLAA owned property now exceeds 753 acres. A final reimbursement from the FAA should be received this year and a payback plan for interest on the SIB loan has been developed to complete payments by 2012.

Strategic Business Plan … MLAA Project #08-03 [CDAG Grant 08-00V-02a]
• coordinator: Dave Elliott, consultant/contractor: Airport Development Group
• The final draft (with MLAA and CDoT comments) is at the printers. Project 98% complete.
• Total cost (as contracted) $125,000 (80% CDoT: $100,000 … 20% MLAA: $25,000)

AWOS … MLAA Project #08-06 [FAA AIP-17 / CDAG 09-00V-01c match]
• coordinator: Mark Shook, consultant: Airport Development Group, sub-contractor: Vaisala.
• AWOS has been installed and is operating (118.45) in a “test” mode pending certification ... phone and internet connections are being resolved.
• Estimated cost $150,000 (95% FAA AIP: $142,500 … 2.5% CDoT: $3,750 … 2.5% MLAA: $3,750)

Runway Restripe … MLAA Project #08-07 [CDAG 09-00V-01b]
• coordinator: Ron Lee, consultant: Airport Development Group, contractor: Kolbe Striping, Inc.
• Project to restripe the runway and taxiway after crack filling … completed mid-July
• Final cost $10,668 (80% CDoT: $8,534 … 20% MLAA: $2,133)
--- --- ---
Thru-the-Fence Agreement … MLAA Project #09-02
• coordinator: Dave Elliott
• A “Thru-the-Fence” Agreement has been drafted for our membership that we believe will serve to solidify your access to and use of your airport, and satisfy the FAA concerns that MLAA maintain control as an operating authority over access and operations of the airport … submission to the FAA is pending guidance from Washington.

Taxiway Alpha Signage … MLAA Project #09-09
• coordinator: Ron Lee
• To install signs along “Alpha” for the access taxiways (“C”, “D”, E”, “F”) … signs were purchased by Jamie Johnston (along with the “business signs”) and await installation … installation pending
• No cost to MLAA … Thank you Johnston’s & EW Systems!!
--- --- ---
Pavement Expansion … MLAA Project #10-02 [CDAG 10-00V-01b]
• coordinator: Ron Lee, contractor: James Dawley Asphalt
• Project to expand the run-up area of Rwy 15 … completed end of July.
• Final cost $4,973 (80% CDoT: $3,978 … 20% MLAA: $995)

MLA Compliance Plan … MLAA Project #10-03 [CDAG 10-00V-01b]
• coordinator: Dave Elliott, consultant/contractor: _(TBD)_.
• CDoT has offered to consider a grant to have a Compliance Plan developed for MLA. A “Scope of Work” is being developed
• Project costs and grant approval pending.

Broom Replacement on Runway Sweeper … MLAA Project #10-04
• coordinator: Richard Martin, supplier: M & B equipment, technician: Paul Sprenger
• The broom on the 18 foot runway sweeper has been wearing down thru many years of use and a replacement is been procured. Paul Sprenger has been maintaining our equipment for the past 7 years and will install the new broom.
• Budgeted cost to MLAA $10,000

Crosswind Runway Surface Treatment … MLAA Project #10-05 [CDAG 10-00V-01b]
• coordinator: Ron Lee, contractor: Seal Coat Solutions
• To provide surface treatment to extend life of the crosswind asphalt ... completed late June.
• Final cost $3,680 (80% CDoT: $2,944 … 20% MLAA: $736)

Cessna Drive Maintenance … MLAA Project #10-06
• coordinator: Ron Lee, contractor: James Dawley Asphalt
• To remove and replace deteriorating sections of Cessna Drive … completed early August.
• Final cost to MLAA $6,084

Turf Operation Area … MLAA Project #10-08
• coordinator: John Scott
• Due to the HFSC relocation and the increase in winch operations, HFSC has identified and mowed a new “turf landing strip”, approximately where a west-side taxiway for the “new” runway would be. An FAA 7480 has been submitted for official recognition of this area.
• No costs anticipated.

Crosswind Runway Fencing … MLAA Project #10-09
• coordinator: Mark Shook, contractor: Fair Dinkim Fencing
• With recent reports of vehicle vs aircraft conflicts on the crosswind, the Board approved fencing the south side of the crosswind to protect its use for aircraft. Alternate access to parasail operators is being provided at the end of Aerostar Drive ... initial fencing completed, Aerostar fence and gate pend.
• Estimated cost to MLAA $3,000

Airfield Toxic Weed Control … MLAA Project #10-10
• coordinator: Ron Lee, contractor: __(TBD__
• A significant spread of thistle and noxious weeds have been noted around MLAA property. The Board approved that Ron hire a weed control professional to spray as soon as appropriate.
• Budgeted cost to MLAA $2,000


After having to cancel Young Eagle Rallies earlier in the summer due to weather, EAA Chapter 72 made up for it on Saturday, August 21st, when 47 youngsters received a FREE airplane ride with chapter pilots. More rallies remain for 2010. Chapter meetings have moved from the third Tuesday of each month to the following Saturday during the day. If Tuesday evenings were bad for your schedule, try this new day and enjoy a good program and cookout. More information is available on the website: or contact Sandy Martin.


In June, AEFCO held its annual Summer Academy where 25 young people were introduced to ground school, flight training, and careers in aviation. Classes for the year round program designed to prepare students to pass the knowledge test will be starting up September 18th. Eleven students have passed the test and are moving on to their flight training. AEFCO Matching Scholarships are currently assisting 4 young people with flight training. Three students have received their private certificate.

This work is all done with donations. AEFCO encourages everyone to “visit our website: and come see what we do.” Contact Richard Martin at (719) 683-6587 or email

How to Get Information: Airport Website:
 Check the website … it is updated several times a week. While the association plans only 3-4 mailed newsletters per year, we publish board meeting reports, voting results, events, and news and information on the airports website at: (shortcut =
 If you are a member of the MLAA, or a based pilot, it is vital that you send us your e-mail contact info. We send out information on Airport taxiway and runway closures and TFRs notices by e-mail.
 Sign up for important news alerts at:
MLAA Scheduled Board Meetings: Second Tuesday of every month at 3:00 pm
13560 Piper Lane, Meadow Lake Airport. (MLAA Hangar) .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. All members welcome
Officers and Directors:
President Dave Elliott interagency coordination (719) 339-0928 (cell)
Vice President Mark Shook public info, ACC chair (719) 641-0460 (cell)
Secretary Greg Johnson minutes, bylaws, ACC mbr (719) 331-9511 (cell)
Treasurer Jeff Moore financial management (719) 494-9110 (cell)
Director Ron Lee airfield, roads & grounds maint. (719) 683-3701 (home)
Director Richard Martin building & vehicle maintenance (719) 683-6587 (home)
Director Scott Dedeker safety & security (719) 201-0723 (cell)
Liaison Sandy Martin EAA Chapter 72 liaison (719) 351-1640 (cell)
Liaison John Scott High Flights Soaring liaison (719) 494-3195 (home)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

MLAA VOTE - Comment by President Elliott

MLAA Special Meeting

by Dave Elliott/ President MLAA

MLAA held a Special Meeting on Nov 9th to discuss and vote on an offer for the Meadow Lake Airport Association to purchase the old Penkhus property from Johnston Enterprises.

The spirited discussion involved FAA grants for the principal and MLAA funds for interest, and focused on potential impact of the property on future airport construction and concern about continued FAA support for Meadow Lake.

With proxies in hand, a whopping 97% of the voting interest of the Assn was represented at the meeting. 20,805 votes were cast for the offer (42.6%), and 21,150 votes were cast against the proposal (43.3%).

The remainder of the ballots (approx 4,000) were proxies assigned to the Board of Directors. At the regular monthly Board of Directors meeting on Nov 10th, I decided that a split Board voting on the remainder of the votes would only complicate an issue that was clearly too close to obligate the Assn at this time. Therefore, we have passed on the offer at this time and will pursue other alternatives/ variations in the near future.

Of significance to the MLAA, and our EAA brethren, were the remarks after the voting by Travis Vallin, Director, Colorado Div of Aeronautics. Travis expressed his continued support for Meadow Lake, and speaking for the FAA, addressed recent concerns and challenges for MLAA.

Three specifics were covered, which the Assn Board of Directors has already been working on:

  • "Thru-the-Fence": is currently on "hold", although the 41 residential lots should be "grandfathered", and the Assn should not allow any add’l lots to have access to the airport.

  • Self-Sustainability: The Assn needs to address equitable access fees to the airport (runway complex) that the FAA has funded.

  • Control Airport Access. The Airport Authority needs to address measures to control access to the runway, i.e.: restrict the ability of local teenagers to use the runway at midnight to drag race.

All of these points were already under review by the Board and will be discussed in greater detail in an upcoming MLAA Newsletter

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I only rent hangar space at Meadow Lake Airport, But I am Treasurer of my residential HOA. I know how hard it is to change a By-Law, and to get volunteers for The Board. I'm wondering if "continuity of The Board" would be better achieved by making it a 6 or 9 Member BOD, and have 1/3 of The Board stand for election each year? This way 2/3's of The Board is retained each year, giving stability to the management of the airport. I think this would be more acceptable to the FAA. These changes can be done at one meeting, by one vote, just as the proposed change would be adopted. 




Thanks for your suggestion.  But there is a large resistance to any term changes. 

REASON, we allow cumulative voting for directors.  

Because of that, if you change how many directors are elected each term, you change the little guys voting strength and lessen the chance a small group can get a single representative elected.

  This is bad for minority voices. 

That's why I support all 7 directors elected to 2 year terms just like the US House of Representatives has done for over 220 years.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Meadow Lake Pilots Fly for Falcon Community Event

In our continuing series highlighting good guys at Meadow Lake Airport- Catch them doing something right.

On Saturday June 7th, the Falcon Festival took place at Big R on Hwy 24. Responding to the communities request for "Air Cover" was the Meadow Lake RV pilots.

We salute Loyd Remus, flying lead in his RV-4, Lee Wolford Right Wing RV-4, Brian Wampler Left Wing RV-8, Brad Henry flying in the "Slot" position in his RV-8, and Bob Hall - flying "Arrow" in his RV-6 for their community spirit. They donated their time, their Airplanes, and their gas, to fly over a community event, and show the Airport supports our neighbors.

Our Airport benefits from every "good neighbor" act done by anyone associated with Meadow Lake.

When the community called, these guys answered. Thanks to them from all of us.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Member Newsletter - June 3, 2008

Meadow Lake Airport Association

Member Newsletter

June 3, 2008

President’s Remarks: I appreciate the vote of confidence that awarded me with the position of President of the MLAA for the coming year. I have two underlining themes and objectives for the year. First, I will do everything possible to keep all of the Board AND the membership of the Association informed of our progress. I intend to earn your confidence and support in our endeavors to accomplish the objectives of the Meadow Lake Airport and our Association.

Second, I propose to transition administration of the airport from the "committee" of Directors that we have appropriately operated under for 35 years (but have outgrown) into a more business oriented approach, managing a multi-million dollar not-for-profit corporation that has potential impact on you and the local community.

In the first endeavor, I request that everyone provide us an email address so that I can provide a monthly "e-letter" updating you with what we have accomplished over the past month and a calendar of events for the coming months. We will also be providing quarterly financial statements, so that you can see how your dues are being expended. In the second goal, I have asked each of this year’s directors to assume a specific "airport management function" with commensurate "point-of-contact" responsibilities. Although the entire Board will continue to be responsible for developing ideas and projects, specific ongoing programs and active projects will be taken on by an individual director as a point of contact for coordination and reporting. Our objective will be to emulate the professional staff of a publicly-owned commercial service airport (obviously on a much smaller and appropriate scale).

Officers and Directors:

*President Dave Elliott (719) 339-0928 (cell)

*Vice President Joe Kuberka (719) 659-5052 (cell)

*Treasurer Verlin Schauer (719) 683-5353 (hangar)

*Secretary Mark Shook (719) 641-0460 (cell)

*Asst Sec Jamie Johnston (719) 683-9300 (office)

*Director Richard Martin (719) 683-6587 (home)

*Director Ron Lee (719) 683-3701 (home)

Next MLAA Board Meeting Scheduled: Tuesday evening, June 10th, 2008, 6:00 p.m.
13560 Piper Lane, Meadow Lake Airport. (Airport Association Hangar) All members welcome.

Financial Information: Beginning next Quarter, quarterly financial information will be available to association members. This information is confidential, and will not be published on our open website. A notice will be posted on the website that a financial update is available to members. Members who email with their name and airport property address, will receive the financial information by return e-mail.

By Laws: At the annual meeting, members voted on a complete revision of the by-laws and some targeted alternatives. The "all or nothing" complete by-law revision presented failed by a wide margin. The suggested Alternative by-law change amendments came much closer to passing. The FAA has asked MLAA to add language in our by-laws similar to that contained in the FAA grant assurances. They want to protect the Federal investment of tax payer money into Meadow Lake Airport. In the unlikely event the airport is ever dissolved, the property that FAA has invested in needs to be handled in accordance with customary FAA grant assurances. With wider member participation and more time for all members to read and ask questions about the proposals, passage and progress are more likely. For these reasons, we intend to present these specific changes again in the near future.

Airport Website: If you are a member of the MLAA, or a based pilot, it is vital that you send us your e-mail contact info. We send out information on Airport taxiway and runway closures and TFRs notices by e-mail.

Check the website … we update the website several times a week. While the association plans only 4 mailed newsletters per year, we publish board meeting reports, voting results, events, and news and information on the airports website at:

(shortcut = )

Sign up for important news alerts at:

Friday, May 30, 2008

Someone Caught doing something Right !

Dear Board and fellow MLAA members

We have all heard about issues in the transition that did not go as well as they could have .

I would like to tell you something good.

Jean Jenkins brought me a box two days or so after the election. All records she received were in there. Since that time she has given me every assistance I asked for, including a digital copy of the votes at the last election, so that I can help Dave build an accurate data base for future elections.

When I was a store owner with 50 employees, I used to tell my managers that along with corrections, they should make an effort to catch our people doing something right, and acknowledge them. It takes very little effort to find fault. It take just a little more to find and recognize a good effort.

I think its time we apply that to our fellow volunteers on this board, (past and present) and others at our airport.

Thank You to Jean Jenkins. I appreciate your efforts.

Now my challenge to my fellow board members is to go find someone else around our Airport doing something right, and Thank them. Then come share it with the rest of us.

If it is appropriate, I will post it on our airport blog, so anyone interested will know the good things that happen here.

Secretary/ MLAA

Sunday, May 18, 2008

REPORT- MLAA Board of Directors Meeting- May 13, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 pm by senior member Verlin Schauer.
All Directors elected at the May 13, annual meeting of the membership were present, Dave Elliott, Jamie Johnston, Joe Kuberka, Ron Lee, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, and Mark Shook
Verlin gave the board an update on the fire protection water tanks the board wants to install on the airport.

The first item of business was the election of officers. Elected were, President = Dave Elliott, Vice President = Joe Kuberka, Secretary = Mark Shook, Assistant Secretary = Jamie Johnston, and Treasurer = Verlin Schauer.

President Dave Elliott asked each board member to come to the next meeting with a list of projects they wanted to work on.

Monthly Board meetings were set for 6pm on the second Tuesday of each month so those association members that work outside the airport area will have the opportunity to attend. Ron Lee suggested the board may need to meet before it's regular June meeting.
Mark Shook then made a motion that the board establish a monthly work session 2 weeks after each regular monthly board meeting for follow-up, accountability for assignments, mutual assistance, and consultation between board members.

Board work sessions were set for the fourth Monday at 10:00am at E/W Systems. (Alternate days when Monday is a holiday.)

It was agreed the secretary would provide an agenda e-mailed to each board member at least 24 hours before each meeting, and post a copy on the airport web site.
There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm.


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